Habanero Infused Garlic Stuffed Olives
JC’s Garlic Market

Habanero Infused Garlic Stuffed Olives

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Delicious....   is the compliment most received when sampling these olives.
Take our Large Plump Green Olives, stuff with Garlic and infuse with Sliced Habanero Peppers and....wow!!!.
Chop and add to relish platters, guacamole, salsa, pasta salads and stir frys, sautéed vegetables, cooked noodles or steamed rice, charcuterie board, pizza, mix with hummus or eat straight from the jar!
Stir into pasta sauces, mashed potatoes. Try them on hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches. 
Add to martinis for a great spicy treat, even using a splash of the brine itself for a Spicy Gartini, don't forget about adding to Bloody Marys!

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